2020 Styling Predictions

Working within the Styling industry I have learnt one thing pretty quickly – Style is so very subjective and is quick to transition from trend to trend before your eyes.

So, when asked the top 3 styling trends for 2020 I pondered on where the style train might take us this new decade? Will we stay with the soft pastel tones of boho…… the stark whites of coastal……… or the hip geometric shapes associated with the Palm Springs look that we have grown to love of late?

Everyday people are really enjoying and creating stylish interiors now more than ever before. Why is that? Well my thoughts say this is attributed to the rise in reality property shows that are broadcast over every TV and social media platform along with the affordability of really great replica items being pulled off by our huge department stores. Trends are forced to change as stylists attempt to do something visually pleasing, unique and that hasn’t yet done before – it’s a such competitive industry in that sense.

2020 for me will see a shift subtle enough to be obvious but not bold enough to be dramatic. My top 3 predictions are:

  1. Shift in the regions that provide us the inspiration:

The classic Australian coastal style will move a little more inland and be inspired by colours and materials that we see more towards the red centre. I think we will also travel from the desert oasis of Palm springs towards the romantic regions in the Mediterranean in a new European softness.

  1. Foster environmental responsible choices with materials:

As we become more conscious of the planet we will use more raw and sustainable materials in our architecture and décor. Think marble, canes, bamboo, linen or even clay!

  1. Change in tones on the colour wheel:

The natural progression from the above-named trends lends itself therefore to a change in the colours we will see. The 2020 Pantone Colour of this year is Classic Blue – a traditional tone with so much potential in a whole range of styles. Along with the blues we see the earthy tones of tobacco, stone, chalk, eucalyptus, and flame tree red. Its exciting to see a palette that is a little “dirtier” but just as exciting as the fresh, crisp tones that have been crowd favourites.

Below we have created some mood boards to reflect these predicted trends and what we think will lie ahead in the interior style trends.

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17 Oct 2019 Liz Ohl