Moving – Its gotta be in the Top 10 most stressful things in life doesn’t it??



We feel your pain with preparing for the move! We have just as a business have just completed a big move over the past month here at simple styling solutions.


We are excited to say have finally grown into a proper warehouse. We couldn’t have done this without our loyal customers and agents and we are super grateful to be where we are today and we are very driven to see where 2023 takes our little business. Our new home is now at 12/ 11- 13 Morton street in Chinderah.

So we know all too well, as property stylists that moving can not only be chaotic but also an incredibly stressful experience. It can be hard to hold onto your sanity when your life has become a world of boxes, bubble wrap and ongoing trips to the local tip!

We won't ever tell you that moving can be easy but it doesn't have to be as insane as it seems and with our recent relocating, we tought it would be the perfect time to share how you can streamline your move too.

Work out exactly what you want to keep and what you simply don't use anymore. Anything that you don't use consider disposing, repurposing or donating!

For those items you are keeping:

Make a checklist and label EVERYTHING!

Moving is hectic, and there is so much to take care of that it’s easy to drop a ball or two. So make lists and check them twice.

We suggest a list for each room.

Label boxes as you go. It’s better to label too much than too little. It can really help to sort and label boxes by room and even use color-coded tape for quick identification, for easy unpacking at your next destination.

Find movers you trust and don’t be afraid of over communicating.

Find a company you feel comfortable handling your belongings. Don’t be shy about calling or emailing to work out every little detail with them. Work out time, what packing materials are needed, if furniture needs to be disassembled, storage, how you are going to coordinated, and what works best for them as well as for yourself in terms of packing and unpacking on site.

Finally have your new house ready.

Make sure the new house is ready for your arrival. Have the utilities switched on and get the fridge running so you can order groceries on the first night. Make sure you have a key or someone is waiting with the key for you!


If you are looking to boost the sale of your home, get in touch with Liz today for a quote or if you would like to stage your home to stay, we’ve got you covered too.


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Happy moving!

9 Dec 2022 Liz Ohl