Our Team


Owners / Directors

Meet Liz and Pete, the passionate founders of Simple Styling Solutions. With a shared love for renovating and a proven history of successful property sales, they established Simple Styling Solutions with a vision of helping others display their homes to maximise appeal and achieve outstanding sale prices.

Liz spearheads business development and curates beautiful items to showcase in clients' properties. From the initial consultation to the final transformation, Liz is driven by the joy of exceeding clients' expectations, turning their properties into stunning, market-ready spaces.

Pete plays a leading role in the strategic management of Simple Styling Solutions. As a CPA Australia accountant with extensive professional experience, his expertise perfectly aligns with the business's needs, goals, and objectives.


Head of Design & Training Development

Allow us to introduce Ange, the creative force behind Simple Styling Solutions and our Head of Design and Training Development. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design, Ange leads our team in crafting captivating, market-ready spaces that consistently exceed expectations. Her expertise goes beyond aesthetics, as she is also dedicated to developing comprehensive training programs that empower our stylists to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Through her commitment to excellence and continuous learning, Ange ensures our approach remains at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard for styling and training excellence. Her leadership, creativity, and dedication to quality play a key role in making Simple Styling Solutions the premier destination for property presentation expertise.


Portfolio & Projects Co-Ordinator

Introducing Alison, our Portfolio and Projects Coordinator at Simple Styling Solutions. In this pivotal role, Alison collaborates closely with our directors to spearhead new plans and projects within our dynamic business landscape. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for organisation, she efficiently administers these initiatives from inception to execution. As a primary point of contact for our valued clients, particularly during styling-to-stay projects, Alison ensures seamless communication and unparalleled service delivery. From conceptualisation to completion, she is dedicated to bringing our clients' visions to life, creating captivating spaces that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.


Client Concierge

Meet Jen, our Client Concierge at Simple Styling Solutions. Jen plays a important role in ensuring a seamless experience for all homeowners preparing their properties for sale. With a focus on client contact and communication, she provides exceptional service every step of the way. From initial inquiries to post-staging follow-ups, Jen is there to answer questions, address concerns, and ensure that our clients feel supported and informed throughout the entire process. With keen attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Jen is the trusted point of contact for all your staging needs, making the journey to selling your home as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Design / Styling Team

At Simple Styling Solutions, our team of talented designers are dedicated to crafting bespoke styling packages tailored to each client's property. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for interior design, our designers work tirelessly to curate visually stunning and unique arrangements that showcase the full potential of every space. From selecting the perfect furniture pieces to adding those special finishing touches, we strive to create environments that captivate potential buyers and elevate the overall appeal of the property. With creativity and expertise, our designers ensure that each styling package reflects the individual character and charm of the home, helping our clients achieve their goals with confidence and style.


Warehouse & Logistics Team

At Simple Styling Solutions, our warehouse and logistics team serves as the essential backbone of our operations. With a keen focus on efficiency and attention to detail, they are the ones who bring our meticulously designed packages to life within our clients' homes. Their role is pivotal, as they ensure that every aspect of the styling plan is seamlessly executed on the ground in a timely manner. From arranging furniture to perfecting every decorative detail, our team works tirelessly to transform spaces into captivating showcases. Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in realising our vision for each client, making them an indispensable part of the Simple Styling Solutions family.