As you know ... We love styling houses!

We have been doing this for the last 5+ years and still have that same passion in each home we are welcomed into.

But we have some die-hard Christmas fans in our team who witnessed some pretty sad trees over the years in the festive season! And those less than pretty trees sparked a conversation "we can do this better"; and therefore, the birth of @SimplystyledChristmasTrees.


The concept has been moulded around assisting the likes of business owners, holiday rentals, homeowners, and home sellers. The opportunity to style beautiful trees for those who are time poor, lack the creative flair, who want to impress the family or just want some extra assistance is so exciting to us here @simplestylingsolutions.


Picture this:

Head over to our page @simplystyledchistmastrees to find out more on our hire here



If you aren't in the market for hiring a tree this Christmas but would like advice on how you too can have a beautifully styled tree here are our top tips –


Tip #1 - Use the big balls first! Yes, choose the largest decorations decorate the tree first then fill the spaces with the smaller items.

Tip #2 - Tinsel is sooo 80's. Try adding the bling through alternatives such as fairy lights, unique baubles, and garlands.

Tip #3 - You got to plump it up, don’t you know plump it up! Yep, plump up all the trees leaves leaving no obvious bald spots.

Tip #4 - Choose your basic style and stick with it to avoid your tree looking hodge podge.

Tip #5 - You know the really "Beautiful" tree ornaments the kids make at school.... they deserve their own Christmas tree... in your kid’s room.... tucked away where no-one needs to see it.


13 Oct 2023 Liz Ohl