So, the world is going a little cray cray right now with the global pandemic that is filling our TV’s, emails, social media feeds and our conversation in general…COVID - 19

Someone said to me the other day that there is good money to be made in these coronavirus times and I agree – anyone that has the crystal ball that will tell us exactly when, how and to what extent we get through the next 6 months will have a lot money in their pocket for sure (that’s if all the worlds finances haven’t yet been spent on toilet paper!)

We know big money is invested in property and that a home is the largest asset most people will ever own so it’s no wonder in this industry, owners will question if now is a good time to sell. Some may argue that it’s a terrible time as we are all going into lock down sooner than we think so no one is even going to get to look through the beautiful home you have for sale. But on the other hand, others will be positive and encouraging because we have never seen interest rates this low so sure now is the perfect time to invest. The truth is we have never seen any crisis like this in our life time that we can even compare it to nor attempt to forecast any trends in the market.

Therefore, this blog isn’t going to help you decide what’s best to do if you are deciding if you are going to dive into or out of the property market – that’s a conversation for a real estate agent. What I can do is give you some tips on how to present and protect your home that may be on the market in these testing times … this might be in fact one of the only times my training as a nurse will collide with my property styling interest.

So top tips for open homes that may be going ahead this weekend: -

  1. First and foremost, follow all the Australia Government Department of Health Guidelines
  2. Maintain good hygiene not only for yourself, your property and for people coming and going from your home. This means leaving out handwash, sanitizer, wipes …. Yes, if you can indeed get these essential items! But given we are so out of stock hopefully people entering will have some of their own in their handbag already.
  3. Consider the use of an Antibacterial spray prior and post the open home also.
  4. Declutter, declutter, declutter ……… particularly if you are hoarding items during these uncertain times. Its not aesthetically pleasing amongst other things and ScoMo has spoken; you need to Stop it’!
  5. Ask your agent what steps they are practicing to minimize the risk of having open homes during this pandemic particularly how they can promote social distancing.
  6. Consider discussing with your agent alternatives to open homes as we know it. Strategies that might be worth exploring that support the social distancing concept could include –

This is the time we need to think about doing things differently than we ever have before – get creative and think outside the box.


In that same breath it would be remiss of me to not mention also our virtual styling service. This is a concept allowing anyone, anywhere to access our styling service via the world of virtual consultation. We understand that styling isn’t always accessible to everyone but we want it to be and given we are living in a world that loves to embrace technology we figure why not use it now more so than ever. I mean who wouldn’t love a home styling consult to help pass some time away particularly if in self isolation! Let’s be opportunistic of these times to get your house in order like you have been meaning to do for so long.

Simply complete the form with your requirements and we will be in touch initially via phone to coordinate a time suitable to “walk through “your home via Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

But in general folks we are here to help in any way we can so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch – as long as you keep your 1.5metre distance 😊!!!

Stay safe 


Owner / Director 

Simple Styling Solutions


19 Mar 2020 Liz Ohl