Greenery is one of my favourite additions to a room, there’s just something about adding a plant that really brings beauty and calmness to the space. If you want to talk about science, there are many mental-health gains to adding plants to your environment from lower stress levels to promoting productivity and even flavouring your next meal!


A little bit of greenery is one of the easiest ways to update your space without spending on décor or furniture. However, not all plants are created the same and some won’t thrive in just any space. Certain houseplants have different needs when it comes to sun and humidity.


Here is our room by room plant guide to make your plant shopping a little bit easier.




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French lavender : The scent of lavender promotes calmness and serenity which makes it the perfect bedroom choice. French lavender is best suited for indoors, so just place by a window with sun and water is regularly.


Aloe vera : Aloe grows extremely well at the sunny window, helps purify your room’s air doesn’t require much care. The goal inside makes for a great moisturiser or helps to heal a nasty burn.


Fiddle leaf fig : This is one of the trendiest houseplants around and is always featured in interior magazines / blogs! The reason why these plants are so popular is because they thrive in indirect light but just the right amount of lighting is essential for keeping this plant alive. Too much water, too much light can cause this plant to struggle, so remember everything in moderation.




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Ferns : Low light and high humidity make bathrooms welcoming for tropical plants. Ferns are known for growing in filtered light under the canopies of tropical forest, much like your bathroom, They create the perfect low-maintenance décor.


Begonia maculate : Bathrooms’ are perfect for begonias as they enjoy the warmth and humidity. We love their white polka dot leaves.


Chinese evergreen : Want a plant that will thrive even if you forget to water it? The Chinese evergreen does just that. It loves humidity but will tolerate dry air. It can grow to 1 – 2 feet tall, so add in a neglected corner of your bath for some lush décor.




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Herbs : There’s no better plant for a kitchen than one that will help you cook. Herbs can be enjoyed indoors year round. Place by a sunny window and enjoy fresh basil and rosemary.


Spider plant : Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it seems. Cooking can cause a lot of fumes and a spider plant helps remove carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, it can also handle a whole host of other air pollutants.


English ivy : Limited on counter space? English ivy is perfect for hanging over your sink or by a window. Similar to the spider plant, it’s one of the top reducers of indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, mould and bacteria.


Living room


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Rubber tree : This elegant looking plant is perfect for low light to full sun living rooms. They do grow, so make sure you have the space! We personally love their leaf colour and how they are similar to the fiddle leaf fig.


Cactic or succulents : One of the easiest plants to maintain because they only require to be watered once a month.

They come in so many variations and can dress up a living room beautifully.


Snake plant : A snake is an ideal focal point to add to a living room. They are easy to care for and require indirect sunlight. Be careful because they can easily rot, so make sure you don’t water them too much.


Greenery can go a long way in achieving a home filled with serenity. Whether you have a room flooded with light or one that relies on lamps. There is always a houseplant for every space.


You will always find a touch of green in all our spaces, make sure to check out @simplestylingsolutions to see how we incorporate plants when styling.

3 Feb 2023 Liz Ohl