Our top styling tips


When it comes to styling there are no set rules. Styling is a labour of love, a way to showcase your personality, your treasures and ultimately create a space that is special to you and evokes joy.


Now, we know that we just said that there are no rules, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few top tips to ensure you get it right.


Here are our top 5 styling tips to create a functional space you’ll love


ONE – Layers

Layers in in heights, layers in groups, layers in textures, layers in the literal sense (think a stack of books or magazines). Layers brings visual interest, adds in a three dimensional effect and overall is more aesthically pleasing.



TWO – Texture

Using multiple materials in your styling pieces bring visual interest and personality to the space.

Think ceramics, glass, metals as well as flat, shiny, rough, smooth or fluted – the more the merrier.



THREE – Colour palette

The world is your oyster here and the colour palette you create should be one that makes you happy as well as ties in with other elements in your home. A good way to start is by choosing a hero piece such as an artwork and creating your colour palette around it. Tonal is usually a nice way to start, if you have something terracotta then why not create a whole palette around earthy hues – mustards, rusts, burnt orange, nudes and cream.



FOUR – Greenery

Bring it to life! Adding living things, such as plants and flowers really does bring the space to life. A pot with Devil’s ivy cascading down over a shelf or a bunch of simple white tulips in a gorgeous vase will both bring some serious wow to the style stakes! Greenery adds texture, a sense of home and of course, another layer!

Check out our post on Best plants for each room in your home to better guide you when shopping for plants.



FIVE – Space

Don’t forget that creating space for your items to breathe is just as important as the styling itself.

Less is more, Always.


We get that is can sometimes be overwhelming to style and decorate your space, we offer style to stay as well as style to sell packages. Get in touch with Liz – 0412469663 to see how we can help


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24 Feb 2023 Liz Ohl