With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, you may be wondering if it’s realistic to sell your home in time for the Christmas holidays.


Home staging is a great strategy in assisting the home sell quickly, and timing with the festive season just around the corner will require more thought and planning than any other time in the calendar year. Our thoughts are that you can celebrate the season and still make your home attractive to potential buyers.


Read on as, we spill our top 4 tips and offer a Christmas special!


  1. Declutter before you decorate

Less is more, so if your house is already full of knickknacks and furniture, piling on holiday décor and squeezing a blinking, tinsel-laden tree in the middle is a sure way to turn buyers off and not dazzle them. The cardinal rule regarding the removal of clutters when home staging will always apply when you are preparing your home for sale. You want them to be impressed with your house, not distracted by decorations. Now isn’t the time to try and take 1st prize in the best decorated house competition in the local gazette... remind yourself that you can go all-out next year in your new home with new decorations!


  1. Class not clash

Aim to decorate to accentuate, keep it simple and tasteful. Make sure your holiday décor compliments your existing color palette and style. If you have warm or earthy tones, lean towards golds, forest greens and deep reds. Where as a coastal home you will find dried floral wreaths, white linen table cloths and drift wood centre pieces will make a beautiful addition to your family festivities. Show off your home’s selling points by decorating strategically. Have a beautiful archway? Hang a single ornament to draw the eye. Funky - cool fireplace? Go easy on stockings and give the mantel some breathing room. Curved staircase? String a garland up the railing. Stunning view? Place simple evergreen bough across the sill and don’t hide that money maker behind lights and fake snowflakes. Think evergreen branches and bows that are neutral or have a tasteful Christmas theme. Use fruits like pomegranates, cherries, apples, pears and lemons to decorate with style.


  1. Tone down the Tinstle

Traditionally, the tree is afforded a place of honour in the home. However, space sells and most likely, that tree will be occupying prime interior real estate. You don’t have to go without, simply make sure your tree has the right proportions rather than being the elephant in the room. Some people really like putting gifts under the tree several weeks before Christmas, but we highly recommend not leaving any gifts out, whether they are wrapped or un wrapped. This can make the home feel in-personal and hard for the potential buyer to imagine their own family in the home. Keep it neutral so people can see themselves in your space.


  1. Don’t risk the Christmas Time stamp

We don’t suggest having any decorations visible in your marketing photos or videos.. But why? Well we love Christmas too and don’t want to be seen as the grinch but we must remember 2 important things. 1) If your property takes a little longer to sell your pictures can be an indication to potential buyers of just how long. 2) Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone and we want your home to appeal to anyone that walks through the door.


If you are overwhelmed with the whole process and don’t know where to start, why not let us take the rains and the extra holiday hassle away. We are currently offering 8 week installs for the price of 6 over this holiday season. Yep, any packaged booked before the 20 Dec will received an extra two weeks absolutely free. Contact Liz – 0412469663 for a very merry Christmas pressie.


Happy holidays and don’t miss any of the day to day action with us @simplestylingsolutions on Instagram

4 Dec 2022 Liz Ohl