Tips on styling outdoor spaces



There’s nothing better for your mind and body to get outdoors and yet when it comes to styling it often get over looked. Here on the coast we are well known for great climates for outdoor living and entertaining so as stylists we ensure this is an area we really encourage owners to showcase.



To assist you in styling your outdoor spaces here are our 'go to' tips on styling these spaces to help you make the most of summer.





1 – Find the perfect furniture


Usually with outdoor spaces you tend to purchase the larger pieces first. Identify what this will be for you and how you intend to use the space. Dont forgot to measure before purchasing to ensure it will fit or fill the space. Once purchased then consider decorating around it. Larger items could include outdoor table, lounge suite, bar setting, sunlounges etc. You want those pieces to be the main focal point of the area.





2 – Add a layer


Layering the space can come in many forms... Umbrellas, Cabana, Coffee table, Decor or even a Rug. Yes, outdoor rugs are a thing! Adding a rug helps to complete any space, so when it comes to outdoor spaces, considering adding one. If your outdoor space is large, adding a rug will help define the different zones of the space. Its’s a cozy element for inside your home so why not create a cozy vibe for outside too. Not to mention it is always nice to have something soft underfoot. Just be confident that the material purchased will be long wearing in our harsh environments.





3 – Accessorize with plants


Lush greenery is a must for any outdoor space. Take your greenery to the next level and invest in some chic planters, pots, hangers or even cool baskets. Planters / Pots will help bring colour and texture to the space. You can easily DIY ones you currently have with spray paint and some TLC.  Another suggestion may even be a funky vertical wall full of plants to give life and freshness to any outdoor space!





4 – Add lighting


Many people don’t think of outdoor lighting as décor but it is! Lighting can help create a warm environment and ambiance. Festoon lights are easy to set up and make a huge impact. There are fun lanterns you can add too in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes. If you need to use an extension cord dont forget you can wrap the cord in coloured tape to blend in with the grass/ greenery.





5 – Treat your firends and family to a drinks station


When you’ve settled into your comfy outdoor chairs and started to unwind with your friends and / or family, the last thing you want to do is run back and forward to your kitchen fridge for drinks.

A drinks station not only adds a statement piece to your outdoor space but is also super handy while you are entertaining. Whether it’s a decorative metal tub filled with ice, a bar fridge or a traditional wooden drinks cart, a drinks station will always stand out and be practical!




These are our few tips to styling your outdoor space, we hope you enjoyed, happy styling and decorating, be sure to tag us in your outdoor spaces.


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9 Mar 2023 Liz Ohl