When to splurge vs when to save : decorating


Decorating a new home or apartment can be expensive. Not to mention, it’s hard to have a passion for interior design but not a budget for it. I’ve learned that while there is always an expensive version of something, there’s always a dupe for ir or DIY hack. However, there are some things that are worth the splurge and other things you don’t need to spend much money on at all.


We wanted to share our thoughts on where to save your dollars while decorating and when it’s worth spending a little more.



Splurge : Seating


If you like Netflix and chill (as we do) then chances are you spend a lot of time in your living room. Couches, accent chairs, dining chairs... Basically anything your butt will be on are the most used pieces in a home. Spending extra to get a nice couch or chair is so worth it, not only for comfort but because it will last you 5 plus years.


Splurge : Bed/ Mattress


A good night’s sleep is Key, thus having a good quality and comfortable mattress is so important. Many brands have a trial periods, so you can be confident in your mattress selection. There is nothing worse than a bad mattress, so think of it as an investment in yourself and your sleep! Always be sure to ask about the warranty too.


Splurge : Paint/ Wallpaper


As someone who has renovates a few homes now, investing in quality paint is so important. It will seriously make your life so much easier. There is mothing worst than getting a paint that requires 5 coats, trust us! Your arms and sanity will thank you later. Same goes for wallpaper, it is worth spending extra $$ to have something that will be easier to install.


Splurge : Lighting


Lighting is the first thing someone notices in a room, it elevates the space and will make a huge impact on your room. Not to mention, nothing is worse than bad overhead lighting! If you have terrible lighting or not a lot of natural lighting, consider spending some dollars on a great floor lamp.




Save : Cabinets / Vanities


There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets or vanities. You can totally transform your kitchen or bathroom with a coat of cabinet paint. You’ll have new, beautiful, and long lasting cabinets in no time.


Save : Non- upholstered furniture


Accent furniture pieces like : side tables, chest, storage units, coffee tables etc. Can be of lesser quality and you can spend less on them. This allows you to purchase more trendy pieces that can be changed out every few years, as styles change. Think K-mart, Target or even your local thrift stores are worth checking out.


Save : Curtains


Window treatments are a MUST and make a huge impact on a space but they are expensive and add up depending on how many you need. Most of the time, they are sold per panel and can start at $100 + a panel, not ideal when you need 8 plus panels! IKEA has great options for a fraction of the price and they come in a set of 2 panels.


Save : Accessories


While decorative accents tend to be on the small scale, they actually make a big impact on the space. There is no need to blow your budget on throw pillows, vases, frames and candles. Again try K-mart, target but also Amazon and any second hand store. Spray painting thrifted items to match your home’s aesthetic is easy and affordable. Honestly, no one can tell the difference between a $500 vase and a $2 vase, it’s really how the room looks in the end.

There are so many great DIY home décor tutorials on YT and inspo on Pintrest and of course Instagram, get creative and save your $$.


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20 Jan 2023 Liz Ohl