Firstly, regardless of how fabulous your furniture and possessions are, because they are yours, it is almost impossible to be objective. A professional will see the space, enhance and highlight the best features of your home and choose the pieces that appeal to a wider audience.


And that, after all, is what you want, to appeal to a wider audience and sell that property! The more potential buyers that are interested in your home will create a bidding war and elevate the final sales price.



Secondly, as one of life’s most stressful events, up there with divorce or losing a loved one. When you’re selling and moving house, the less stress the better. Handing styling for sale over to an expert will gibe you peace of mind and more time for other important tasks: decluttering, cleaning, packing and potentially searching for another property.



Thirdly, most people just don’t have the natural talent or time to learn the skill to style a property for sale.

Focus on what you do well and let the experts do the styling.



There is no doubt that the answer to the question – is styling worth it? Is a resounding YES!


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13 Jan 2023 Liz Ohl