Its time to go Green!

By Liz Ohl – Owner / Director of Simple Styling Solutions

You know yourself when you walk into a room with greenery it just looks and feels better……. Why is that?

Well plants have way more going for them than just their pop of colour and visual beauty when showcasing them in our homes. First and foremost they are a natural purifier and can cleverly clean the air in which they reside which is benefical when wecloming potential buyers or visitors in to the home, but the benefits dont stop there.

Plants are also known to be good for our health, they are said to improve concentration, boost your mood and decrease stress…all factors you want for anyone you welcome through your front door right?

They also can provide natural scents that wont overwhelm the senses and even help us to breath easier.

Now here is the good news - greenery can be either live plants or artificial ones. If you are a green thumb by nature and can keep a plant alive then make them a welcome addition inside your home. But if you have a tendency to neglect your flora never fear as there are great fakies out there that can create the same ambience and that are pretty reasonably priced in the big department stores these days.  

For us when styling homes we cant get enough and we try to use greenery as often as we can even including areas such as the kitchen with some delightful little microherbs, the bathroom with a delicately potted succulents or more extravagent / larger plants such as the fiddle or mostera’s in the bigger rooms like the bedroom and lounge.

Introducing greenery……..a simple yet effective way in making your home more inviting!


5 Nov 2019 Liz Ohl